Explore & Indulge: 10-Day Vacation Package

Immerse yourself in the ultimate 10-day travel experience: explore exciting destinations and enjoy stunning sights with our comprehensive vacation packages. Designed for maximum exploration, relaxation, and adventure, our 10 Day Package gives you time to soak in the local culture, try delicious cuisines, visit astonishing landmarks in your dream destinations, all while your every need is catered to. It's time to venture out, your 10-day journey of wonder awaits!


Day 1


Learn More09/23/2023

Day 2

Tour in the city of Accra

Learn More09/24/2023

Day 3

A Trip To The Ashanti Region

Learn More09/25/2023

Day 4

A Visit To Another Tourist Site In The Ashanti Region

Learn More09/26/2023

Day 5

A Visit To Tourist Sites In The Eastern Region

Learn More09/27/2023

Day 6

A Visit To Tourist Sites In The Central Region

Learn More09/28/2023

Day 7

A Visit To Tourist Sites In The Western Region

Learn More09/29/2023

Day 8

A Festival In The Eastern Region

Learn More09/30/2023

Day 9

Beach & Paintball Day

Learn More10/01/2023

Day 10

Round-Up And Drop-Off At Airport

Learn More10/02/2023